Early Digital Learning Programme


Modified: February 15, 2021

  • Do's
  • Don'ts


Use the Laptop for educational purposes only.
Portable storage media to be scanned with the Anti-Virus software for virus and other suspicious malware every time before using it.
Always charge the Laptop with the Power Adapter, which was given as part of the Laptop accessory only.
Use a microfiber cloth to clean the display screen and keyboard. The cloth should be damp, but not dripping wet.

Unplug the power cord during lightning storms, in order to protect the Laptop from possible damage as a result of power surge.

Do not pick up the Laptop by the screen.

When you shut the lid of the Laptop, Do not leave any items such as a pen or small earphones on the keyboard which can damage the display screen.

Do not place any objects on the Laptop.
Do not eat or drink on or around the Laptop as the food and liquid spillage will harm the device.

Do not place any foreign objects into the ports.

Do not handover the Laptop to un-authorized service center
Do not let any unauthorized person use your Laptop.

Do not place the Laptop near the heat source and never expose it to direct sunlight.

Do not turn off the system directly by power ON / OFF switch, this may result in loss or corruption of files that are being edited or transferred
Do not rotate/ open the LCD screen beyond its design limit.
Do not try to repair the Laptop by yourself.
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