Early Digital Learning Programme

Do’s-Don’ts-Rack Charger

Modified: February 15, 2021

  • Do's
  • Don'ts

Always keep students away from the Rack Charger.

Rack Charger should be operated ONLY by the authorized/ trained persons from the school.

Keep the main power always ON to the Rack Charger, except during the long holidays.

Keep the Electrical Compartment door of the Rack Charger locked all the time.

Place the Tablets only in the slots provided in the Top and Bottom compartments through the Front door of Rack Charger after its use.
Ensure the Rack Charger has some free space around it to recycle the air inside the Rack Charger.
Keep the Rack Charger in a dry place where no water/liquids are available which can conduct/pass electricity through it.
Electrical panels of Rack Charger should be opened/ repaired only by the Authorized Tech Support team.
Do not allow Students to go near or touch any part of the Rack Charger.
Do not place pencils, pens, sharp objects or fingers in the ventilation holes of the Rack Charger.
Do not touch a damaged power cord with bare hands.
Do not reset the timer.
Don’t keep any conducting materials/solids/liquids (Such as Iron, copper, water, etc which pass electricity through it) on the Rack Charger to avoid electrical hazards.
Do not unplug from the outlet when your hands are wet.
Do not roll the Rack Charger over the power cord.

Do not use Rack Charger as a table.

Liquids/other objects should not be stored or placed on top of the Rack Charger.

Do not sit or lean on Rack Charger.
Don’t peel out the stickers of Rack Charger.
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