Early Digital Learning Programme


Modified: January 25, 2021

  • Do's
  • Don'ts

Use the Rack Charger with dedicated charging adaptors to charge the Tablets.
Use the device for educational purposes only.
Use the Tablet in the provided protective keyboard case only.
Do not use local or any other chargers to charge the Tablet.
Do not install apps from unknown sources.
Do not use the Tablet if the battery is too low. Charge the Tablets when the battery levels to 30% or less.
Do not keep objects on the Tablet or on the Keyboard case.
Do not remove the Tablet from the Keyboard case.
Do not peel/ remove Tempered glass from the Tablet screen.
Do not delete the data or applications provided with the Tablet.
Do not insert pens, pencils or any other objects inside the ports of the Tablet.
Do not cut the Micro USB wire which connects Keyboard and the Tablet.
Do not put a pin, password or pattern in the Tablet.
Do not use sharp instruments to open the Tablet
Do not give SD card ejector tool to the pupils
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